Sunny made me feel comfortable right away. I had a weight problem that was interfering with my life. Sunny had an amazing technique that produced results much quicker than I anticipated. I have been working with Sunny twice a week and now feel much better than ever. Thanks!
— Linda L.

When I injured my shoulder from snow skiing, I had to get surgery for the broken bone. After the shoulder healed, the pain kept me up at nights even with the pain medications. Thanks to Sunny’s amazing technique, I am now able to sleep and put my socks on my own. I am progressing much quicker than I expected.
— Charles W.

I had low back pain for a long time due to scoliosis. I went chiropractors many times but the pain kept coming back again and again. One of my friend referred to Dr. Kim. My pain disappeared almost 80 % at first treatment. After 8 times of treatment Dr. Kim recommended to take an x-ray to check the scoliosis status. My back set straight and pain did not come back again now for a year. I strongly recommend Dr. Kim if you have back pain.
— Michael P.

I couldn’t move my neck when I get up, so visit to Dr. Sun Kim. After acupuncture treatment I can move my neck front and back also right and left almost normal, it is amazing!! It is not first experience with her, 5 years ago I had same problem. At that time Dr. Kim said, your body so cold and imbalanced. I’ve got treated one time with herbal medicine. In a month I’ve got baby, he is 4 years old now. Thank you again Dr. Kim... your hands miracle...
— Olga F.

I had chronic neck pain over six month. The pain was so bad that I could not sleep at nights. I had one session with Sunny and it relieved the pain completely. Thank you.
— Sandra S.